Oud Scented suspension

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  • 135 g YZGHANE® brand hanging scented suspension, 135 g
  • 100% vegetable – organic coconut oil and olive oil
  • Perfume “Bois D’Oud”

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Our scented suspension with “OUD” flagrance, intense and warm, a bewitching journey that invokes the love potions of Arabia.

Our range of hanging scented suspension” INVITATION ORIENTALE ” reconciles Western and Eastern cultures, Swiss perfection and respect for Moroccan traditions and know-how.

Its fragrances plunge us into the magic of Morocco’s senses.

Our scented suspension, 100% vegetable, 135 g, are made of organic coconut oil and olive oil.

Our scented suspension are part of a social project. They are made on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, in a traditional soap factory, in partnership with a centre for the disabled, so that they can fully take their place in society.

Ingredients : Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Sodium stearate, Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, parfum.
Made with organic Olive oil and Organic coconut oil.