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Magic powder of Rhassoul

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Moroccan lava clay
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The earth that washes


Used as a cosmetic ingredient, Rhassoul powder is recommended for dry and fragile skin but also on dry hair. It has soothing and cleansing qualities by promoting the hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis. It absorbs impurities, is used in masks and wraps. True "earth that washes", the Rhassoul contains no surfactants and cleanses according to a physical process by absorbing impurities and grease.


In Morocco, there is a clay known as "saponiferous" called Rhassoul which has its origin in the verb "Rassala" which means to wash in Arabic. The Rhassoul comes from the only known deposits in the world, located on the edge of the Middle Atlas, in the Moulouya valley 200 km from the city of Fez.


  • Ghassoul Traité

Precautions for use

Natural ingredients for cosmetic use are active products. As such, it is advisable to do a test application in the elbow crease before use.