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Essential oil of exotic verbena

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Lippia cubeba
Brown glass 10 ml bottle with dropper

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Delicately scented, Exotic Verbena essential oil is known for its astringent, purifying and skin toning properties. Soothing and calming, Vervain essential oil is also used as a support for stress and sleep disorders.


This exotic verbena essential oil from Morocco is obtained through complete steam distillation from the fruit.

  • Steam distillation of fresh fruit
  • Precautions for use (put a link on the document)

Precautions for use

Essential oils should not be applied to the eyes, around the eyes, or in the ears.

In case of contact, apply a vegetable oil liberally, then rinse with water.

Consult a physician promptly.

Essential oils must be diluted before application.

Keep out of reach and out of sight of children.

Some oils may be used in the home.

Some oils may be irritating or sensitizing.

Perform a skin tolerance test before use.

Verbena essential oil may be photo-sensitizing.